Web application and API vulnerability scanner for

Add a virtual security specialist to your team, find vulnerabilities fast and learn how to fix them

Web Application & API Vulnerability Scanner

Web Application and API vulnerability scanner scans and exposes vulnerabilities, and provides a report of the findings with detailed instructions on how to fix them.

  • Website Pentesting

    We provide a robust approach for securing an Organization's Website from a Hacker's Perspective

  • Malware Removal

    Automated scans to instantly identify web malware, viruses, and other Cyber threats including removal help

  • Manual Pentesting

    A manual step-by-step ethical hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities including Business Logic testing

  • Certified Professionals

    Team of globally certified professionals to assure avant-garde audit deliveries with confidence

  • Eliminate False-positives

    Manual Vulnerability examination to eliminate false-positive to save time and a step-by-step PoC walkthrough

  • Comprehensive Support

    24x7 human support for providing remediation solutions including on-call expert availability to assist